Artist statement...

I am excited to share with you my new collection NOIR which is the first body of work I have ever created entirely in a monochrome palette. I have also chosen to work on aluminium which is a beautiful and contemporary surface to paint on.

As many of my collectors will know I have previously used colour in a bold way therefore by stripping this away it is a complete diversion for me. It was both challenging and exciting to work in this way.

One of the reasons why I chose to work in 'black and white' was to see if this would have an impact upon the emotional narrative I wanted to portray. Hoping that the viewer would connect to the paintings without as many distractions.

The medium I used for these paintings was oil, which is not my preferred and comfortable choice, therefore this was another element which pushed my boundaries technically and in turn took me a long time to produce over the course of 2021.

Many of my collectectors have mentioned to me recently that my work has become more detailed in the past couple of years and this is something which I have been pushing gradually and trying to improve with each painting. It is important for me that my work evolves and my intention is to always try and further my technical ability as well as to provoke feeling and expression.

I immersed myself not only in the technical side of this artwork but I also pushed myself to 'let go' in an abstract sense with this collection featuring my first abstract painting I have created for sale.

This process allowed me to express my inner self by painting without reference and completely working from my intuition. This was a very physical and expressive process. Which ultimately portrays my instincts in their truest form.

I hope you enjoy my new work and thank you so much for your love and support.