An empowering collection...

This collection focuses upon empowerment and was created during the lockdown. In a time where everything felt like it was falling apart with such uncertainty, I wanted to create pieces which showed strength and power.

I used my artwork as a way to help myself throughout this time to feel positive and fill myself with confidence from the attitude I was recreating within the artwork.

The back story about this work focuses on the beautiful model I used, Tabitha. I found her whilst I was eating in her restaurant and always thought she looked striking with her platinum long hair and she oozed confidence.

Not long before the lockdown commenced I was lucky enough to get her in the studio to photograph her. She told me prior to this that she had gone back to her natural red hair and she seemed a little unsure whether I would still want to use her. Of course, I thought she would look amazing and thought how cool it would look to create a set of work which was 'Red' themed, centred around her fiery hair and attitude.

It wasn't until I had finished the work and Tabitha came to see the completed collection that I realised there was a deeper meaning to it. She cried as soon as she saw them and explained that it was such a pivotal moment when I initially photographed her, as she was going back to her natural true self. She had removed the armour which she felt protected her, and was set free. She was able to see her beauty just the way she is, the way God made her.

I wanted to share this with you as I think we all have our armour, our fronts, our barriers which we use to protect ourselves and it's such a beautiful and powerful thing to show the 'real' you.

I hope that you feel the positive energy within this artwork and you draw on the fire deep down inside, which you were born with to take on the world.

Emma xx


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If you are empowered and interested in owning one of these pieces please contact Emma directly on or a GRZ consultant on and we will be happy to chat further.